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  • Denise L. Carlini

A New Year - May you Flourish!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Drum roll please!!! Welcome to the website blog for our new "baby" - Motherhood - Is It For Me?

It has taken a bit longer than 8 years and like any big creative project, we had our ups and downs. With a gestation period that never seemed as if it would end (the writing didn't take that long, but rather life did), we can now share this book, our gift to all women, so they can flourish.

The program this book brings to the reader/participant is profound. Don't underestimate it or your own engagement with yourself as you go through it. If you've been waiting for an answer to come forth to the question about having a child, let this year be the one you invest in yourself, your decision, your future.

Happy, healthy, peaceful New Year!

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