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  • Denise L. Carlini

Saying Goodbye ~ Loss

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I've been grieving. Loss in life is inevitable. Allowing the emotions/feelings that come with losing a loved one or something important to flow naturally, unfortunately is not.

As many are now saying, we are hard-wired for connection. With this connection, how could losing a loved one not bring on palpable feelings? So, allow the feelings to come. Don't stifle them or even try to name them. Invite them to flow. They are natural. What can happen with grief is this ~ one loss puts you in touch with another loss. Don't let them stock-pile. It's not good for your health. Give yourself permission to recognize what you have lost. When someone you love dies, or is dying, feeling what you feel is a sign of respect. For them and for yourself.

One of the special women who shared her story in our book, Motherhood - Is It For Me? died before she could see her story nested with the others in the book. When I met her I knew I was in the presence of someone special. She was a natural nurturer. She had the ability to help you touch within yourself the best of who you are or could be. She shared her talents and her spirit with ease and grace. She was formidable. She will be missed by many but never forgotten by those who knew her and loved her. With gratitude...I say goodbye.

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